The Favela hostel is located in Zagreb, the Croatian capital.

Just 15 minutes away from the city center by tram. It is located in the quiet neighborhood with plenty of nature. Our advantages are great price for neat, clean and air-conditioned rooms. We are able to offer 3 twin rooms, 3 single rooms and 5 dorm bedrooms in which pleasant dreams are guaranteed.

The rooms are equipped with air conditioners, wardrobes, desk and chair and a free Wi-Fi. Coffee is available for a pleasant morning awakening and so are juices for refreshment. Near the hostel Favela there are markets, shopping centers, clinics, exchange offices, bakeries and fast-food restaurants, car rentals and other services.

Public transport is available within 5 minutes of walking distance. If you like walking in nature (hiking) or want to see exotic animals, 10 minutes from the hostel Favela is the oldest and most beautiful park in Southeast Europe, Maksimir Park, and a zoo. For football fans near park Maksimir is a stadium of the football club Dinamo Zagreb.

Facts about Zagreb

A fine modern city, Zagreb has its historic center in the old Kaptol district, with the Catholic cathedral (begun 1093) and the Catholic archiepiscopal palace (18th cent.), and Gornji Grad [upper town], with its baroque palaces and churches. Zagreb (Croatian pronunciation: [zǎːɡreb];[5] names in other languages) is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia.

Events - in Zagreb 2017.

Here’s a list of events in Zagreb this year – and wow, what a line up…visitors will be very busy!

We’ve listed the proper dates of events where possible – some events have yet to be finalised/publicised fully so we’ve listed them under the month as appropriate; likewise, we add more events to this list all the time, so check back regularly.